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Our Story

A Life of Missions

We are the Goshorns. We are a  missionary family living in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Since 2014 we have seen many needs of the Peruvian people, and coffee is one avenue through which some of those needs may be met. Our goal is to educate coffee farmers on better harvest and land management techniques, provide consistent jobs at fair wages so that the lives and local communities might be transformed. 

We have partnered with a dear Peruvian friend of ours named Salvador, a veteran coffee farmer, faithful husband, and devoted father of four. With the help of Salvador and our other Peruvian neighbors we hope to provide the highest quality coffee possible straight from our farm to your door. By supporting this business you can rest assured that your business goes directly to supporting the lives of many Peruvians who would otherwise have little to no opportunity to further themselves. 

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